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Five times to make your relationship magical

There are five things you can do that can really make a difference in your relationship and bring you closer together. These five times can become positive relationship building routines you build into your lives.

1) Spend the first few minutes of each day connecting by talking about your upcoming day.

2) At the end of each day debrief together and listen to a review of each others' experiences.

3) Find little ways to express admiration and appreciation every day to your partner. It can be simple and small ways.

4) Turn toward each other by showing affection for each other (John and Julie Gottman have a 6-second rule for kisses in their relationship and all kisses can last at least six seconds). It is important to make time for demonstrations of your love for each other.

5) Spend time weekly talking to each other about positive things. You can do this at home, on a date, or while doing something you both enjoy recreationally. Ask each other questions and openly discuss your hopes and dreams, plans for work and future desires, and get to know the mind of your partner. As you share you will feel closer to each other and recognize the shared vision for the future of your relationship.

You've got this! And if you feel like you don't, schedule an appointment let's get you on the path to a better more fulfilling relationship.

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