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Small Steps to Improve your Relationship

Four Hallmarks of a Great Relationship:

1) Feel safe in the relationship - Feeling safe involves both physical and emotional safety but it also means feeling that both are committed to the relationship.

2) Open the doors to intimacy - Make time to share thoughts, hopes, and dreams with each other. Have date nights, couples meetings, spend time listening and connecting.

3) Do your part and take responsibility - Use effective skills to problem solve and take ownership for your feelings and behaviors in the relationship. We can always make adjustments and improvements.

4) Nurture security in your future together - Make sure you are taking time to work together on challenges in your lives and relationship. It is important to be a team and not opponents. Take time to think about how you can demonstrate your care for your partner.

For more information on how to improve in these areas you can complete a couple assessment and learn about your strengths and areas that can improve. The Four Hallmarks come from Stanley, S. M., Markman, H. J., Jenkins, N. H., Rhoades, G. K., Noll, L., & Ramos, L. D. (2006). Within Our Reach Leader Manual. Denver: PREP Educational Products, Inc.


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